• 1. Maximum of 30 items

    2. Freshly washed, folded and in a bag or bin. We do not accept cloths on hangers.

    3. Season Appropriate

    Feb thru June is our Spring/Summer season

    Aug thru Decemebr is our Fall/Winter season

    4. Name Brands only please. See brand board below for suggestions.

    5. Appointments are booked one at a time. After your initial appointment has ended, you may book again. Please Note: Duplicate appointments will be cancelled!

  • 50/50 Split

    Items that sell within the consignment period are split 50/50 between JuJu B's and the consignor. Consignors are able to view their active itemized inventory via their "Consignor Access" account. See login at bottom of page.

  • 90 Day Consignment Period

    From the day your items are uploaded they have 90 days to sell. Items convert to store inventory after your consignment period, however: we allow the consignor a 30 day period to pick up unsold items if desired.

  • Balance Inquiries

    Consignors may pick up their balance any time in the form of cash or check any time we are open. Consignors that maintain a balance may use it towards their purchase for 15% off. Consignor balances never expire!

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Consignor Access

Check the status of your items and consignor balance any time! You will receive an email with your consignor code and one time log-in after your first drop off.

Check Balance